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3rd Graders are first to ride the new bus!

Our 3rd graders made the inaugural trip on our brand new bus for their field trip to Schiele Museum of Natural History. To help prepare, our students participated in some safety training, including using our new seat belts. Field trips are such an important part of the SA student experience and although our old bus has served us well, it is no longer suitable as our primary means of transportation. At a cost of $104,000, the new bus was a significant purchase for our school, but such an important one.

Our new bus is just one more reason to support our annual campaign, which helps our school maintain our current programming and services. If you haven't already done so, please pledge you support today by clicking on the headline "3rd Graders ..." and going to the link provided or click on the GIVING button on the top right corner of our homepage.

Last year, 91% of SA Families participated!

Here's the current status of our annual campaign:
SA Families 51%
Board 100%
Faculty/staff 100%

$292,413 pledged or received of our $515,000 goal (57% of our financial goal)