The Scholars Academy Parent Support Group

Raising a gifted child can bring a unique set of challenges, and as a parent, it can be
tough to find resources and support along the way. We are so fortunate at Scholars
Academy to be a part of a larger community where our kids share the common bond of
giftedness. The SA Parent Support Group meets every two to three weeks during the
school year to discuss topics surrounding gifted development. Past discussions have
centered around asynchronous development, emotional intensity, social struggles,
physical overexcitabilities, anxiety, and 2e (twice-exceptional) issues.

Whether you are seeking support or are just looking to learn more about the gifted
population, please feel free to join us. This is a safe place for parents to share resources
and experiences in a non-judgmental, discreet atmosphere. We also have formed a group
of parent mentors who are willing to support other families dealing with similar issues or

Stay tuned to the weekly school newsletter and the SA Parent Facebook group
for our meeting schedule and agenda. For more information, or if you are looking for
support, please contact fellow SA parent (3rd and 5th graders), Alicia Gozycki at: