Teacher/Staff Request Procedures

The purpose of our PTO is, in part, to provide financial support where needs are recognized. To achieve this purpose, we will make grants to support a wide range of projects and purchases that will enrich and enhance the educational experience of our scholars.

Requests must be signed by the school director and submitted into the PTO mailbox or any PTO lockbox.  Requests will be considered at monthly meetings held every 1st Friday of the month. 

PARENTS ONLY - Reimbursement Request Procedures

If you have made a purchase on the PTO's behalf, please submit a reimbursement request (see forms below).  Make sure to include all receipts and submit in an envelope to any PTO lockbox.  Turn around time varies, but every effort is made to complete requests in a timely manner. Checks will be mailed to your address as indicated on the form.

For further questions, please email Rishi Srivastava: PTOTreasurer@scholarsacademy.org