While the Annual Community Giving Campaign is essential to support the school's core operating expenses, PTO fundraisers help enhance students' school experience, build community and support our teachers and classrooms.


We are excited to host a GoPlaySave fundraiser to support our school! We earn 1⁄2 of all the proceeds we  collect!  Proceeds from this year's sale will go to fund school events such as the Fall Social and Night of the Arts as well as teacher funding.  There are fun prizes to earn, including a FREE book for every 5 your family sells!

GoPlaySave comes in two formats: printed, and mobile. You can help by selling either version, both versions, or the new “bundled” option. Click here to start selling online today! 

Each family should have received 5 books at Orientation Night to sell.  Please contact Sharon Tam at PTOPresident@scholarsacademy.org if you need more.  All envelopes and unsold books must be returned to the homeroom class.   Sale ends September 20th.

Go Play Save books make great gifts. They also have coupons that don’t require purchase and can be used right away! Here’s what one Scholar parent had to say: 
Last Friday I got a relaxing FREE massage from the GoPlaySave books!  I was a little skeptical because it's a massage school, but it's right across from Scholars so it was very convenient.  The student I had was named Key, and she was very professional.  Besides massaging my back, it was my first time getting my abdomen and foot worked on too!  She said they were trained to work on those areas.  I really wanted to tip Key, but there is a sign that says "No tipping allowed."  So this really is free and there's another free massage coupon in the book so I will be scheduling again shortly."   Isabel L.


In partnership with Scholastic, the funds raised from book sales go directly toward supporting our library.  The book fair is the primary source of funds for our library.

Students have an opportunity to browse with their classmates. Teachers will put requested books on a list for parents to purchase and donate.  Parents can also come in during school hours to shop. The fall book fair is held during the week of the Fall Social and the spring book fair is held the week of Night of the Arts.  This gives an opportunity for family and friends to shop after school hours as well.

Our 2019 Fun Run has concluded.  Thank you all SA families and friends for your support!  This year, we raised approximately $12,500!  Thank you to all those parents and teachers for giving us feedback on where to best utilize the proceeds; and we listened - approximately half the proceeds are ear-marked for continued playground improvement, the other half for middle school field trip support.

Playground Improvements
  • Re-installation of middle school tetherball (Aug/Sept)
  • New installation of elementary school ball game (Aug/Sept)
  • New recess equipment (on going)
  • Class garden projects (on going)
Middle School Field Trips
  • 6th Grade science field trip 
  • 8th Grade DC trip

In spring 2018, our SA Fun Run raised $13,000!  All proceeds were designated for much needed playground improvements.  Look out for these additions from our 2018 Fun Run:

Elementary Playground
  • Shade structure over play set
  • New soccer goals
  • Sports Netting (to capture stray balls)
  • Freshly painted asphalt games 
Middle School Playground
  • New picnic tables 
  • Storage bins for each grade 
  • New recess equipment 
  • Freshly painted asphalt games
  • 4th grade tree/native plant planting project

The 2019-20 Kit Sale has concluded.

Funds raised go toward the Classroom Start Up Fund which gives money to full and part-time faculty to purchase additional classroom and teaching supplies. All too often, teachers pay for supplies out of pocket. Last year, with nearly 150 students participating and many generous donations, we raised over $5000!

Supplies are directly delivered to the homeroom classes before Orientation Night.  If you didn't order your supplies with the PTO, you will need to purchase school supplies from your local retailer.  

Questions?  Please email Sharon Tam at PTOPresident@scholarsacademy.org