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How do you know if Scholars Academy is right for your child? Below is a list of common characteristics of highly intellectually gifted children. Not every intellectually gifted child exhibits all of these characteristics, but if your child exhibits a majority of the attributes, then Scholars Academy might be a good fit. Our school has created curriculum, instructional strategies, and social and emotional supports to work with children who exhibit these characteristics.

Unusually large vocabularies for their age
Long attention span, persistence, and intense concentration
Ability to learn new information quickly
Highly developed curiosity and interest in experimenting
Curious, inquisitive, limitless supply of questions
The tendency to put ideas or things together in ways that are unusual or not obvious
Unusual sense of humor
A wide range of interests
Asynchronous development
Unusually good memory
Exceptional ability to acquire, retain, and retrieve information
Intense interest in one or a few topics
Advanced level of understanding, especially cause and effect
Highly sensitive to feelings and expectations of others
Displays leadership skills
High energy level
Has an advanced understanding of abstract/intense topics, but does not have the level of emotional development to deal with these topics (poverty, global warming, war, etc.)
Very imaginative
Generates many original ideas and solutions
Takes risks