Application Process

Scholars Academy Application Process

​​​​​​​Note The application deadline for the 2019-2020 school year was January 25, 2019. The application period is now closed. The Application Period for the 2020-2021 school year will open on September 23, 2019

Open House  It is recommended that applicants attend one of the school open houses. Scholars Academy is a charter school for gifted students and, as such, teaches above grade level, at an accelerated pace, and with teaching strategies appropriate for gifted learners. At the open house, information will be provided that will help parents decide if Scholars Academy is the correct school for the applicant. 

Admissions Process The Scholars Academy admission process is different from other charter schools.  Parents must review all admissions information on the website.  If the decision is made that Scholars Academy is the proper environment for the applicant, print out the application forms.

Testing  The application process has a testing component. There are two options that fulfill the testing requirement: private psychological testing and group testing. Students need to complete ONE type of testing.

1.      Private psychological testing

a. Parents/guardians may choose for testing to be administered by a licensed psychologist. A general internet search will yield several options, as will a search of psychologytoday.com or mpacharlotte.org (Mecklenburg Psychological Association). 

b.  If private psychological testing is chosen, the application must include a testing verification form from the psychologist in a sealed envelope. The envelope must be signed across the seal by the psychologist. A report from the psychologist must also be included.  Testing must have occurred after September 2017.

c.  Scholars Academy requires that a full-scale IQ be included in the report. Scores must be included in the application; do NOT send these separately.    

 d.  Accepted tests include:

1.    Stanford Binet Intelligence Scale V (SB V)

2.    Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children V (WISC V)

3.    Wechsler Preschool and Primary School of Intelligence IV (WPPSI IV)

4.    Woodcock-Johnson Cognitive Test (WJC IV)


            2. Group Testing at Scholars Academy

                           a.  This test is provided free of charge by Scholars Academy. 

b.  Group testing is given in a small group setting at Scholars Academy.  Children taking the test must be able to sit quietly for extended periods of time and follow the directions given. Students who are disruptive or refuse to follow directions will be removed from the testing environment. The date of the test is located on the Important Dates tab on the school website. 

c.  If an application is made for the group test, a completed application packet must be submitted by the group test deadline. 

d.  A letter will be sent prior to the group test. This letter will contain information about the test and will offer preparation tips. 

e. The group test is generally completed in two to two and a half hours. Parents are welcome to stay in the building while children are testing. If a parent chooses to leave the building, an emergency contact number must be left with the staff.  If an adult is accompanied by children who are not testing (younger siblings, etc), quiet activities must be brought to entertain these additional children. It is imperative that these children be kept quiet. The playground will not be available, as it is in close proximity to the classrooms that will be in use. There is WiFi access available. 

Application Components  Each student applying for admission to the Scholars Academy lottery must have an application that includes the following:

a.     Application Form The application form must be filled out in its entirety.  Applications must include a phone number and email. If these are not included, your application will be considered incomplete and your child will not be considered by the admissions committee for admission into the lottery.

b.     Personal Nomination Form

c.      Application Checklist 

d.     Teacher Nomination Required for students applying for 1st grade and above. This must be in a sealed envelope. The teacher’s signature must be across the seal. This must be included in the application packet and should not be mailed separately. 

e.     Self Nomination Form Required for students applying for 4th grade and above. 

f.       Parents who choose private psychological testing must include a Psychological Report as well as the Test Validation Form from the psychologist. As previously stated, this must be submitted in a sealed envelope with the psychologist’s signature across the seal.  This should be included in the application packet and should not be mailed separately. 

g.     Parents who choose Group Testing must include the Group Test Application.

Submission of Complete Application  Applications may be dropped off or mailed to Scholars Academy.  If you are dropping off your application at the school, please drop off between 8:30 and 2:30.  Before and after school are high traffic times and our attention needs to be on the safety of our students.  

Verification of Complete Application  No receipt will be given for packets that are submitted at the school building. If a parent wishes to verify that an application was received and is complete, email dean@scholarsacademy.org who will reply stating whether or not the application is complete. Applications are not processed daily; expect a wait of several days before a response is received.  Please do not call the front desk to ask about the status of your application.

Early Admission for Kindergarten  Information on how to apply for kindergarten early admission is contained on the last page of the admissions packet.