Our Board of Directors
The Board has the following committees*: ​​​​​​​


  • Evaluate the health and vitality of the organization

  • Evaluate bylaws and established policies and practices

  • Board recruitment, orientation, training

  • Evaluate performance of Executive Director

  • Evaluate Board performance

  • Sub-committees include Policy, Diversity and Expansion

Educational Excellence

  • Define educational excellence (the goals); devise clear and consistent measures to monitor, with lead administrator

  • Ensure all board members know the charter promises that were made to the community and state


  • Establish budget and monitor performance

  • Oversight of annual audit and tax reporting

  • Maintain compliance with lending covenants

  • Other financial matters


  • Raise additional funding to support the school

  • Recruit additional human resources to support the school

  • Sub-committees include Outreach and Foundation

*In addition, the board may have other ad hoc committees to fill specific needs. For example, the governance committee may have additional committees related to Policy, Grievances and Hiring (an Executive Director).

Board Member Assignments

Mr. Dixon and Mrs. Pieper are ex-officio for all

Governance Committee

Sabrina Liner, Chair

Smita Korrapati, Co-Chair

Policy Committee

Alexandra O'Rourke, Chair

Mani Ramasamy, Co-Chair

​​​​​​​ Diversity Committee

Sridhar Dasu, Chair

Alexandra O'Rourke, Co-Chair

Expansion Committee

Smita Korrapati, Chair

Sabrina Liner, Co-Chair

Education Excellence Committee

Alicia Gozycki, Chair

Sarah Schroeck, Co-Chair


Finance Committee

Manish Mittal, Chair

Sridhar Dasu, Co-Chair

Development Committee

AJ Farooqi, Chair

Sarah Schroeck, Co-Chair

Foundation Committee

Mani Ramasamy, Chair

AJ Farooqi, Co-Chair