Our Board of Directors
Community Comments Guidelines, including groups reporting at board meetings

The Board of Directors of Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy (Scholars Academy) welcomes the public to board meetings. Board meeting agendas are set in advance to ensure effective and efficient use of time with appropriate review by the board of important documents prior to the meeting. The board has an established time during each meeting for general community comments. While the board welcomes comments from the community, we must maintain an orderly and effective meeting.

The Board of Directors should deal with items related to governance of the school; please address issues that only pertain to or impact governance. Please avoid reporting on any operational items and address those items with the school administration.

Governance includes the following three areas:
  1. Policy
    • Information or changes that need to be made for new or existing policies.
    • Any necessary updates to the charter agreement or governing documents and/ or the application to our programs.
  2. Student success
    • Activities that directly support our mission, the values of our community or vision for our graduates. Please cite whether values, vision, or mission is being directly supported and how it is supporting.
    • Activities that directly support an aspect of the strategic plan. Please cite the aspect of the strategic plan that is supported.
  3. Finance
    • Activities that may change the school’s operating budget. For example, significant new grants or funding, items purchased by the PTO that support the school.
Specifically disallowed topics:
The Board cannot hear comments that deal with the following issues:
  1. Topics of a personal nature that may conflict with privacy laws, HIPAA or other issues that deal with the confidentiality of personal (e.g. family/ student) information
  2. Topics regarding a grievance will be handled in accordance with the separate Grievance Policy.
The Board will not allow a speaker to complete their comment if, in the sole discretion of the Board, the person is speaking on subjects that are not allowed.

The Board will not respond directly to comments made or enter into dialogue with the Community Comment speaker during the board meeting.

Time Limit:
Each speaker is given three minutes for their comments. The speaker will be given a warning when one minute remains and when 30 seconds remain and will be asked to cease their comments at the three minute mark. Such time limit shall be strictly enforced by the Board. No one will be allowed to yield his/her time to another speaker.

Adopted August 2016