Ways to Give
Why Your Support is Important To Our Annual Community Giving Campaign (ACGC)
As a charter school, Scholars Academy receives a specified amount of public money for each enrolled child; however charter schools do not receive funds for land, facilities, or transportation. Scholars Academy also does not receive additional funding for specialized programs or for teachers with advanced degrees. Therefore, the Annual Community Giving Campaign (ACGC) helps bridge the funding gap we experience each year as we aim to keep class sizes smaller and provide enrichment programming.

ACGC: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ACGC?
The Annual Community Giving Campaign (ACGC) is the top fundraising priority of the Scholars Academy as it helps our school maintain our current programming and services.

Who contributes to the ACGC?
The responsibility for raising the necessary funds rests on our entire school community. As the direct beneficiaries, our largest donor base is our current families, accounting for about 92% of total ACGC funds raised. This also includes parents' employers' match gifts, which is typically around $140,000 each year! Other contributors to the ACGC include board members, faculty, staff, grandparents, alumni parents, alumni and friends of the school.

How important is my participation?
Scholars Academy needs every member of the school community to make this institution a charitable giving priority through a gift to the ACGC. A high rate of participation is an important measure of the breadth of concern and involvement by the school community.  It is an indication to foundations and corporations that we approach for sponsorships, grants, and large gifts, that you are a full partner in the Scholars Academy community.

Why doesn't the school pursue more sponsorships and grants to raise money toward the ACGC?
Corporate sponsors, such as Reedy Chemical and Sealed Air and foundations, such as Jimmie Johnson, have very specific criteria for funding. Typically, corporations and foundations are not interested in contributing toward general operating funds. This is what our ACGC is for. While we do research and apply for grants, we currently do not have the human resources necessary to manage a rigorous development program, including grants. Researching, identifying, and cultivating potential corporate and foundation partners takes a substantial amount of time and resources. Currently, the school has a .75 FTE Community Relations Director, whose primary responsibility is to plan, execute, and manage the ACGC and provide support to school-related events. The school does have a volunteer Development Committee whose purpose is to work toward developing partnerships, sponsorships, and collaborations that will help support the school's mission. The Development Committee is working on creating a realistic development plan to help address some of the priorities identified in our Strategic Plan.

When does the ACGC begin and end each year?
The School’s fiscal year begins on July 1st and closes on June 30th each year. All gifts to the current ACGC should be made by May 15th . This allows our board of directors to budget accordingly for the next fiscal year.

There are so many ways to support the Scholars Academy through the PTO, school clubs, etc. If I support those efforts, do I need to give to the ACGC as well?
At Scholars Academy, as in typical charter school communities, there are numerous opportunities to be involved and participate in supporting the school. We ask that each family, to the extent they are financially able, support the ACGC every year.Since it provides for the school’s core operating expenses, the Board of Directors has deemed the ACGC a pre-eminent priority of the school. The PTO plays an important role in supporting our families, students and teachers through a variety of community building opportunities as well as fundraising activities. These organizations also offer fantastic opportunities to be actively involved in our community.

How do I make a gift to the ACGC?
Scholars Academy operates as a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit, and gifts to the school are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Please go to our GIVING page to learn all about how you can make a gift.

If I have a question about my current pledge or gift to the ACGC who do I contact?
Please contact our Community Relations Director at giving@scholarsacademy.org.