Lunch Program
Feeding our students is such an important part of keeping them  sustained through out the day so they are ready to learn. We strive to feed them healthy, fresh, hot lunches within current federal  nutritional guidelines.

We offer a healthy salad daily with or without chicken plus 1  vegetarian and 1 traditional meal a day.

To reduce water bottle waste, we will no longer offer bottled water as a drink option.  Instead we will offer Mary's House made Lemonade along with milk and chocolate milk. 

Our lunch program is live. Our Caterer this year again is Mary from Menus. This is her 4th year with us. 

Scholars Academy PTO has selected EZ School Apps for our school lunch management software. This product offers the Scholars Academy a safe and secure way to pay for student meals online from any browser using EZ Parent Center (www.ezschoolapps.com/ParentLogin.aspx). 
After signing up you will have the opportunity to:
  • Select and order meals for your student online.
  • Use your credit card to deposit money into your student(s) account anytime from anywhere using any browser.
  • View your student's account balances 24/7.
  • Track your student's payments and purchases.
  • Receive notifications when your student's account balance is low.
  • View the school's menu options.
Please follow the attached directions BELOW to setup your account today. Enjoy the convenience of online ordering, online payments and the view of your student's account 24/7.

Any questions? Please email: lunch@scholarsacademy.org  

Ordering is currently available mid October.  Menus are attached.
Kindergarten-1st grade (smaller portion) $3.60/meal
2nd -8th grade                                          $5.00/meal

Please choose Lunch option and drink for each day. A DRINK IS INCLUDED WITH LUNCH but you must select housemade lemonade, milk or chocolate milk or your child will try to talk us into giving them chocolate milk. 

You will now be required to pay as you order.  Your order will only be saved (the items turn BLUE), if sufficient funds are available for the order.  If the items are not blue, the order has not been sent to the school.

All orders and payments are due by Thursday at 5:30 pm for the following week.   

Orders for accounts with Negative Balances will not be processed

Our Lunch Vendor this year is Mary from Menus

You may change,cancel or switch your orders until Thursday at 5:30 pm the week before the order.

>>>>>>>> To change or cancel select NO LUNCH on that day, then choose new selection if changing. <<<<<<<

Menus below are for your references 

Helping out:

I am always looking for  volunteers to help with lunch. You would be needed  for a couple of hours between 10:30 - 12;30. 
As with all volunteers here at Scholars, you will be required attend a volunteer training session by our administration and sign a background release form.  
Please feel free to  email me with any questions at lunch@scholarsacademy.org
If you can come have lunch with you child be sure to say hello and check out what we do.

Thank you,
Josi W. Amaral
Parent Volunteer Lunch Administrator
Scholars Academy PTO