Extended Care
What is Extended Care?

The Extended Care program at the Scholars Academy serves students who need before and/or after school care services. The program supports the mission of the school, and strives to meet the intellectual, social, and emotional needs of our students in a safe environment. Students are provided healthy snacks, have access to homework assistance, and enjoy recreational activities. Extended Care encourages the exploration of areas of special interest (art, crafts, games, technology, etc) through both structured and unstructured play.

After Care is Not an After Thought.

The Extended Care team members are all employees of the school. As such, they engage with our teachers, participate in school wide professional development opportunities, and are full members of our staff community. This means that if a child has a particularly good or particularly bad day, the classroom teachers and the Extended Care staff easily communicate.

Extended Care Hours

7:00 am - 7:55 am
3:00 pm -6:00 pm

The Extended Care team strives to complement the Scholars Academy by:
  • Providing a creative atmosphere for the promotion of arts and crafts
  • Providing sports activities to develop coordination, motor skills, positive competitive skill, good sportsmanship, and enjoyment of games
  • Providing a setting to strengthen social skills and character
  • Providing opportunities for quiet, self-directed play
  • Providing regular assessments of the program to ensure program quality and meet the changing needs of the school community
  • Providing inclusion of Enrichment programs



Full Time

Part Time


What are the options?

Enrolled for AM and/or PM care daily.

Enrolled on occasion, select days per week, AM or PM care.

Same day emergency for PM use only

How do I sign up?

Sign up for this service can happen at any time throughout the year by completing the online registration form. 


Must complete the online sign up form by Sunday at 10pm for the following week.



Child may attend PM care only if the front desk received notification by 3:00 pm.  DO NOT EMAIL school, teacher, or aftercare site coordinator.


How do I pay?

Advanced payment using Bright wheel billing system required.  Weekly or monthly payment options.

Paid by using Bright wheel billing system.

Must pay via online form found on school website.  Do not remit payment to Extended Care.


Fee Schedule:  



Single Student

Additional  Siblings


Weekly rate

(payable weekly or monthly)

AM Only



PM Only




Pre-Paid Daily Rate 












Paid Same Day


AM Only



PM Only