Student Enrichment - Technology

2019-2020 Technology Forms
Acceptable UseRequired all grades
Google Email: Grades K-8 

 Use this link to register for the AUP and GAFE Form. http://bit.ly/satechforms1920
No paper forms will be accepted. All scholars new and returning must sign this every year. 

Email: nreynolds@scholarsacademy.org  

Forms explanation 

All students/parents must sign and return the AUP (Acceptable Use Policy)

Students 2nd-8th graders who do not have an email account need to sign and return the Google apps for education form.
Parent consent for the school to create an @scholarsacademy.org email address for their student. Acceptable use form has to be turned in before I can create the Gmail account.

BYOD FORM  (Paper copy, please submit technology forms online)
Students who wish to bring their own devices must sign and return the BYOD Registration form. Laptops, ipads, and tablets are acceptable. Phones will not be registered and students should not have phones in classrooms.

BYODRegistration required if a student chooses to bring a personal device.  Registration for BYOD for the 2019-2020 school year will open up during open house. 

NOTE: If you are using the same device you registered last year, there is no need to register the device again.

Students are not allowed to access personal email from any device school owned or personal while on campus. Students under the age of 13 are not permitted to own personal Gmail accounts. Google Apps for education monitored through Scholars Academy allows a student under 13 to have an email address that is registered to a school domain only.

BYOD INFO: Please refer to the full policy above.
Devices will be used for school-related purposes ONLY as directed by a students teacher.
All devices must be put away during the school day 8:00-3:40 unless a student is given permission by staff to use the device for educational purposes ONLY.

**ALL devices brought into the building have to be registered.
Hot spots are NOT allowed, any student bringing his/her device to campus must use our RSAwireless network.

**Students are NOT allowed to send or receive text messages or personal emails at school. Phones will not be registered and students are not allowed to have phones in classrooms.

(It is illegal for anyone under 13 to have a google account not maintained by a school or institution)
Emergency Phone calls need to be made at the front desk.

Any member of Scholars Staff is authorized to confiscate a students device at any time.
Please review the consequences for violation of this policy.