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About Our Library

The Scholars Academy library consists of two separate collections, one for Lower School and one for Upper School. Both libraries are open to students one day per week and are run exclusively by parent volunteers. The collections are cataloged and tracked using a web-based electronic library service called Library World. No money from the school budget is used to operate the library. We use profits from the school bookfair and donations to fund our operating budget.

Any student wishing to use the school library must complete a library card application online. Parents will receive weekly transaction summaries via email for each child who has items checked out from the library. Applicable rules for both the upper and lower school libraries can be found at the top of each library card application.

Our History

The Scholars Academy Library was started by parent volunteers in 2010 when the school moved into its current facility. At its start, the library consisted of three sets of empty shelves (acquired the year before when a local bookstore went out of business). A single email went out to the Scholars school community at the beginning of the 2010 school year asking families to donate books to the school in order to start a library collection for grades K-5. At Orientation that year, more than 1000 books were donated by our committed families and the library began. It took a small group of parent volunteers one full year to catalog and organize the first thousand books and the library opened at the beginning of the school year in 2011, serving grades K-5.

In 2013, we received a gift from a local foundation, which allowed us to add more shelving upstairs and expand our services to serve grades 6-8. In 2014, we received a second gift from the same foundation and piloted a small digital library for grades 5-8, completed a partial replacement of the shelving downstairs, and added art and displays to the lower school library. Today, our libraries serve every grade at the Scholars Academy, continue to be completely volunteer run, and house more than 6700 books.