Extracurricular Activities
The extra-curricular programs offered before or after school are to help provide students with opportunities to participate in a variety of academic programs that inspire, challenge and spark imagination. Programs are only viable through volunteer program coordinators and adequate volunteer support outside of regular school hours. Most volunteers are parents. The overall philosophy of Scholars Academy extra-curricular programs is to allow as many students as possible to participate provided there is adequate parent volunteer support. For example, if a program is currently full, interested parents should contact the current program coordinator for information and then find out how they can start another branch of that program.

Have an idea for an extra-curricular program you'd like to offer? Please contact our Dean of Students, Tracy Miller, at dean@scholarsacademy.org. Once a program is approved by the school, please complete a "School Program Request Form" found under "Resources".

Thank you to all the volunteers that give their time and talents to offer extra-curricular programs at our school!