Strategic Plan

In June 2016, the Scholars Academy adopted a five year Strategic Plan through 2020 that will focus on these themes:

Theme #1: A Gifted Student-Centered Curriculum
Scholars Academy will strengthen its curriculum as it continues to meet the unique intellectual, social and emotional needs of highly gifted children.

Theme #2: A Focus on Social and Emotional Learning for Gifted Students
Scholars Academy will provide an integrated, educational program that meets the social and emotional (SEL) needs of highly gifted children.

Theme #3: Exemplary Recruitment and Retention of Great Teachers of Gifted Students
Scholars Academy will be a premier employer for teachers who love to teach, inspire, nurture, and
guide gifted students. We will recruit and retain talented, passionate, and innovative faculty members (i.e. high-performers) who are aligned with our Mission, Vision and Values.

Theme #4: A Collaborative School Community
Build a collaborative school culture where stakeholders share a unity of purpose and strong learning partnerships.

Theme #5: Become a Trusted Resource of Information about Giftedness and Best Practices in Gifted Education

Scholars Academy will disseminate resources and knowledge to the gifted community, both within our school and externally. We will be a trusted resource for parents and teachers who are seeking
innovative means to meet their students’ needs

Theme #6: Attract / Retain Diverse Students

Scholars Academy values diversity and inclusion. We believe that both diversity and inclusion increase the richness of ideas, creative power, problem-solving abilities, respect for others and contribute to a more positive global community.  Blacks, Latinos and students of lower socio-economic status (SES) are under- represented at Scholars Academy as compared to the available student population in the Metrolina region.