Lisa Hu
Dàjiā hǎo!
大家好! (Hello everybody!)

Welcome to Mandarin Chinese class! My name is lisa Hu. I’m excited to be teaching the Chinese language and culture at Scholars Academy. I cannot wait to get started teaching. I have a simple goal of making Chinese language learning fun, relevant and easy for your child.

Learning Chinese should be pleasurable and accessible! Your child and I will work together to make the Mandarin Chinese class an exciting, relevant and accessible place for all of us.

In the classroom, with a wide range of speech events, such as role-playing, drama, activities, games, and with the integration of multiple forms of media, your child will learn Mandarin Chinese systematically, and step by step. This includes Chinese Pinyin, words and expressions for everyday use, basic Chinese characters, and relevant Chinese cultural tips. I will help your child in non-native Chinese environments develop comfort with and affection for both Chinese language and culture.

Ms Hu