Kathy Moschel
Our 2016-2017 Scholars: 
Ani, Maanyata, Sathvik, Vihaan,
Ashna, Sharan, Bodhi, Mahathi, Mahi,
Sophie, Meg, Nikhil, Atharv, Aarav,
James, Shreya, Rebekah, Sid,
Parvathy, Sahana, Lexi, Alex 
Schedule: Please click on "Documents" to see our schedule, the Student Supply Sheet, and Guided Notes for the Definition of Landforms, Water Erosion, Wind Erosion, and Layers of the Earth. 
Weekly Updates: Please click on the “My Blog” button on this webpage to get all the information you need about our class. I update the blog weekly. 
Please click on "Google Classroom" to view students' online Assignments and grades.
Class Wishlist: 
Kapla Blocks
Field Trips: Field trips will be announced in the Weekly Update (blog).  
Third grade will NOT be visiting the public Library this year. We will make regular visits to our Scholars Library.
I posted a Weekly Update on "My Blog" today, September 24.