Manjinder Singh
Welcome to First Grade!

I'm Ms. Singh and I will be teaching first grade this year! Although I taught 4th grade last year, I'm extremely excited to be teaching first grade! I will be posting updates here weekly/bi-weekly to stay in touch with all of you!

Quick Reminder: If you have a request for me, either to help your child or send something home, please give me at least 48 hours notice. Sometimes I don't see your e-mails until midday or after school and because of other obligations, I am unable to fulfill your request in that school day. Scheduled meetings, conferences or the need to work with the whole class to prepare for an upcoming assessment or event, might prevent me from getting to your request as soon as you would like for me too. It is never my intention to disappoint any of my students, so please don't ask me to do something without the appropriate amount of time to be able to complete it and please make your child understands that I will do everything in my power to do whatever it is you request but it might not be right away.